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  • Porsche Cayman R road test

    Porsche Cayman R for sale in Essex

    At Optimum Vehicles, we specialise in the highest quality used cars, and like nothing better than seeing the look on customers' faces as they drive away from our Wetherby showroom in West Yorkshire with a smile.

    Here we look at a car which achieves this feat without even breaking a sweat - the Porsche Cayman R. 

    Porsche lovers will not be disappointed by the Cayman R, which has many new features to differentiate it from the Cayman S. Aluminium doors complement the pristine chassis, while lighter wheels and improved aerodynamics will leave you in no doubt as to the quality of this machine. Inside you will find flawless finishes and unrivalled style, not to mention sports seats to give you the optimum driving experience. After all, everybody wants to feel like a formula 1 driver. 

    Other tweaks include a limited slip differential and the lightest wheels to grace a Porsche to date. The Porsche Cayman R is also the first Cayman to have a superior power-to-weight ratio when compared to a 911, and this makes for a brilliant driving experience - 0 to 60 in a staggering 4.1 seconds. 

    You will struggle to find knives sharper than this car's steering, and the dual clutch transmission means that changing gears is like sliding a hot knife through butter. The folks at Porsche have also been hard at work reducing the weight, and it shows. The Cayman is 22mm lower and has an extra 40% down force on the rear axle and 15% on the front axle.

    With its bullet-like exterior matched by a carefully thought out interior, the latest Porsche Cayman has not disappointed, and if reading this has left you with Porsches on the brain, take a look at our stock.

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